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  • As a Farmer I suffer with my back , the Pilates class is a real relaxing and strengthening class all in one.
  • Fitness Pilates is now an invaluble part of my life, I feel fitter and healthier at 72 than ever before in my life
  • I could not manage half the things I do with out Fitness Pilates, I achieve so much more with the regular classes encoursaging me.
  • Am amazed that in one class there is so much diversity of age and ability and we all leave totally worked out!
  • Using the fitness band is great and I never knew there was so manyy ways to tone my arms  and Legs.
  • I am 88 years old and I feel I have  so much more  freedom of movement and a release i my tense muscles.
  • The Tutor is excellent involving all capabilities of students, My balance is definitely improving.
  • Am so pleased with my improved level of mobilty.
  • I join in pilates every week to help with my golf performance
  • Very precise instruction enables individuals to follow complicated exercises.
  • At the end of each lesson I feel very energised and positive.
  • Impressed how easy teh first class relaxed me, and I learnt how important the warm up is and I now do exercise at home to keep me mobile and pain free.
  • I am almost touching the ground with finger tips after 5 weeks !!!
  • I always feel fitter after my class.
  • Over the last 6 weeks I feel an improved sense and awareness of Posture.
  • The massage techniques my Instructor does in class has helped ease neck tension.
  • My lower back problems have really improved since attending Brand New u classes.
  • By week 6 my core muscles have definitely improved and I generaly feel much fitter.
  • Balance exercises really guard me against falls.
  • I am remembering to stand erect to ease my back pain
  • My bottom is so firm :-)
  • I have never felt my tummy muscles like I do when we use the small Fitness Pilates Ball ...OOOOH they are so good.
  • I like having the option of using the chair for pilates as I struggle to get up and down of the floor.
  • The difference I have noticed in  the amount of pain I suffer is massive, I am now taking less medication.
  • The Instructor is brilliant at explaining why we are doing the exercises and what position we should be in.
  • I love using all the toys ( balls and bands)
  • The upper body moves are brilliant and my bingo wings are toned.
  • I have had a hip replacement and atttedning classes has really helped me mentally and physically.
  • I have always suffered morning back pain ...not any more!!!
  • I had been off work for 3 years with a back injury, I have attended classes with Brand New U and for 3 years and I am now working again full time.
  • After having my children I really struggled to get my tummy back to flat, After 6 months of Pilates I have lost 1 stone and my tummy is flatter than its ever been even before having my children.
  • Improved Pelvic floor.
  • As a man doing pilates I was petrified at my first class...now I can't miss it.
  • My husband says he has noticed a massive improvement in me and my confidence.

Boot Camp

  • Ive lost 1st 6lb and I am now a fitness Addict! since starting Bootcamp I have now joined Pilates and Zumba classes...if you told me that 12 weeks ago I would have laughed.
  • I love all the Instructors and the different way in which they teach.
  • I already attend Pilates but thought I would give bootcamp ago and I have lost 10lb in 6 weeks! not bad at 44.
  • I have only attended 1 week but I feel ALIVE again and can not wait to come next week.
  • I am 24 and overweight by 4 stone and was really worried about coming so I came with a friend and I feel so glad I did I have tried lots of diet programs in the past and failed, I would never join  a gym but everyone is so supoetive at all classes they have encouraged me to join in more classes and I now do 3 a week and have lost my first stone.
  • Myself and my mum attended bottcamp as we wanted to lose weight for a holiday,we lost 12lb between us and returned to class after the holiday.
  • Happy as lost 5lb and changed my body shape.
  • I love the fresh air and being outside.
  • Everyone is fun to be with and noone is judging you! Brand new u really has made me a Brand new ME!
  • I love the fact that i can do Bootcamp and top up with other local fitness classe.


  • What a blast!!! Fun Fun and more Fun
  • I go to Zumba with my friends and we love it! the music is fantstic and the instructor is such a laugh.
  • The class atmosphere is electric and everyone has a giggle, all ages and sizes are there and everyone enjoys it.
  • The 45 mins goes so quick Ive never sweated so much and not realised!
  • The best way to exercise, It does not even feel like hard work.
  • My mum and i go every week and I think she enjoys it more than me.
  • I am 47 and i had not attended any exercise classes before my friend dragged me to brand new u, I can not believe I waited this long to exercise I feel so much happier in my life.
  • Zumba is my weekly tonic.
  • The friends Ive made at class has given me a social life with women of all ages and back grounds its so nice to see so many women having fun from all different back grounds.
  • Every women should do at leat one Zumba class a week to feel sexy and strong.
  • When our class finishes we spend another hour all chatting, our poor instructor never gets home on time.
  • We do a daytime Zumba and we are a group of older ladies, we all go for a coffee after our hard work.
  • All the instructors put thier own style in to thier classes and all of them are great.


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