Seated & Supported Functional Movement Posture & Balance Classes


Classes are designed for Special Populations, (groups of people with needs that require special consideration and attention in a fitness class setting this includes those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, post operative, post natal, post injury, mental health, obesity, heart, long and circulation issues, asthma, diabetes, stroke, disabilities etc). 


Friendly, sociable, welcoming Classes open to everyone. Just check with your physio, care provider or doctor that you have the all clear to participate in low impact movement and mobility classes and if there is anything you need to avoid. Classes are usually 45mins long and set to music, we use balls, discs and bands with the chair 

Always arrive early to class so you can discuss your personal needs. 

The classes really are engaging fun and enjoyable as well as being a great way to improve posture, mobility, flexibility, circulation, core strength, coordination and balance, the classes also have a positive effect on mental health and well-being.

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