Fitness Pilates is a modern, research based group fitness class created for the apparently healthy adult. It is neither remedial, clinical nor is it designed for rehabilitation. Fitness Pilates utilizes all of the principals and includes many of the mat work exercises in traditional Pilates, but further offers modifications, diversification's and updated exercise prescription to provide a controlled body conditioning program appropriate for the general public.
How does it fit in with other Pilates Programs
Fitness Pilates is a complimentary class aimed at all levels, ages and abilities. It is general level incorporating  basic Pilates techniques and exercises in a non intimidating and easy to follow way. Fitness Pilates is designed to sit along side clinical Pilates sessions and small group classes whose aim is rehabilitation therefore becoming an excellent “feeder” class for members wanting a more specialized form of Pilates.  It is a cost effective way of training that includes marketing and business ideas to help you set up and prosper in this area. Ultimately, it is custom designed and targets YOU. Every exercise, sequence, structure and lecture on the course has been thoroughly tried and tested.
Fitness Pilates includeS:
Fitness Pilates Fundamentals
Power Fitness Pilates
Seated Fitness Pilates
Fitness Pilates Ideas
Flexible Fitness Pilates
Fitness Pilates Total Body Conditioning
Fitness Pilates Progressions
Dance Fitness Pilates
What is Fitness Pilates
Fitness Pilates is a training option that focuses on the body as a human kinetic chain. By applying the fundamental Pilates technique and exercises Fitness Pilates aims to offset musculoskeletal imbalances.
The aim of F.P is to identify basic postural imbalances and through Pilates based exercises:
§         Increase muscular balance and strength
§         Improve clients posture
§         Facilitate the clients’ ability to optimally function occupationally and recreationally.
Fitness Pilates integrates a mix of the original exercises and ideas with modern research and updated techniques that are suitable for a group exercise class. It is a group exercise programme designed to enhance the posture, strength, balance and stability of a healthy adult.
A typical Fitness Pilates class consists of the following components and is taught to music
Warm up/Mental and Physical preparation
Standing Fitness Pilates Functional Work
Matt work Fitness Pilates Exercises
Cool down and relaxation

Posture Positive Movement


What is Posture Positive Movement?


My-Barre, Posture Positive  Movement & Fitness Pilates are 45 -60 min class 


Both classes are:

  • Slower Paced 
  • Easy to Follow
  • Gentle on Joints
  • Mind Body Focus
  • Posture Awareness and Focus 
  • Improves  Circulation
  • Encourages Greater Range of Movement 
  • Reduces Back Ache  
  • Eases Aching Joints 
  • Strengthens Weak Areas 
  • Stretches Tight muscles 


P.P.M and Fitness Pilates are  Keep Fit classes aimed at the those who want to 'take care of their  body' whilst toning and lengthening muscles, the class varies each week on focus and there for uses a selection of balls, discs & bands, a chair for standing and seated Barre /Ballet / Pilates style moves. 


This class is created from moves taken from Ballet, Dance, Pilates, Yoga, & Keep Fit Disciplines, all moves have been adapted to produce a safe effective low impact class.

There is a choice of mat or chair based exercises for those who struggle on the floor 


In My-Barre classes  you will use a selection of equipment  my-Barres and or Chairs, Balls Bands, Discs and your Mind & Body to improve your Posture,Balance,Flexibly and Mobility as well as building Abdominals & Back strength through a full body low impact workout set to low BPM music.

There is also a choice of mat or chair based exercises for those who struggle on the floor.


Both classes are suitable for everyone including post natal, seniors, runners, post operative, golfers, the fit & the unfit. 


Come and give it a go and see how you can benefit from this class. 


This is an ‘Inclusive’ class and We welcome everyone as adaptions can be made through out the class for those who may struggle with standing, kneeling or floor.

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