My-Barre classes are the community fitness classes designed to be accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, and ability. My-Barre classes use my-Barres (supportive bar structures to balance with), chairs, balls, bands, and discs to provide stimulating exercise classes that improve your mobility and flexibility. We provide all of the equipment; all we ask is that you come to us motivated and ready for some fun!

This exercise class is between 45 – 60 minutes in length

These classes are a low-impact full body workout, and we won’t push you to do things you’re not comfortable with. Instead, we will motivate you to do what you can to strengthen your muscles, reduce joint and back pain, focus on your posture, and create better range of movement. My-Barre classes use principles taken from ballet, dance, pilates, and yoga to improve your balance, coordination, and mobility. Each movement is slow and purposeful, encouraging your body to move more and more fluidly with each session.


Suitable for Everyone


Our community exercise classes are perfect for older attendees, post-natal mums, post-operative class members, and all in between. They are easy to follow, gentle on the joints, and engage your mind to focus on the light exercise you are enjoying. My-Barre is as mentally stimulating as it is physically. It is entirely inclusive, so anyone can join us in bettering their core, back muscles, and blood flow through controlled movements and stretches. If you struggle with floor exercises, kneeling exercises, or standing, then we can tailor each exercise to you to make sure you still receive the exciting benefits of My-Barre.


Light exercise is a great way of engaging your muscles and mind in positive movements, helping to correct posture and also to improve your range of mobility and movement. This can be very freeing for those with stiff joints, and we truly believe that our My-Barre classes improve our class members’ quality of life.
We hold community exercise classes across Lincoln, Market Rasen, Gainsborough, and Newark. To join, simply Make A Booking online or call 07793894396 for more information about our upcoming classes!


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