What Is My-Barre?

My-Barre - Man I feel like a woman!


Elegance and Grace rediscovered through

Balance (My-Barre Standing and floor exercises to improve Balance)
Assistance (My-Barre exercises and moves to help you perform correctly to your own ability)
Resistance (My-Barre resistance exercises to tone and Condition upper and lower body)
Realignment (My-Barre posture and movement awareness)
Engagement (My-Bare encourages whole body engagement with movement)


Who is My-Barre for?

Aimed at the apparently healthy adult, My-Barre is a revolutionary keep fit class designed for women by women. My-Barre class incorporates moves and exercises performed using the 

My-Barre is a 45-60-min class incorporates and adapts different exercise disciplines including, Dance, Keep Fit, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Martial arts and more to improve whole body fitness, (Posture, Balance, Agility, Strength, Muscle Tone and Body Awareness), to help the participant feel lengthened and toned as well as enabling them to stay agile, mobile, flexible and fit for everyday life.


My-Barre is now an 'Exercise Movement and Dance' Partner and our training is endorsed by the Exercise Movement a Dance Academy.

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