Please bring water to class and wear comfy clothing ( leggings or jogger and t-shirt). Fitness Pilates/My-Barre mix classes (you can use your class passes at all classes). 


Some classes start OCTOBER .. please message for details and bookings 




Washingborough Community Centre

  • 9.45 My-Barre Pilates
  • 11.05 Buggy Barre 

Wragby Road Sudbrooke

  • 1.30 i-Chill
  • 18.10 Mens Core Focus
  • 19.30 My-Barre
  • 20.30 i-Chill 




The Venue Navenby

  • 9.45 My-Barre 
  • 11 .00 Buggy-Barre 
  • 18.15 New Crew/Core
  • 19.30 My-Barre


Hykeham Memorial Hall

  • 13.30 My-Barre



Wragby Road Subrooke

  • 9.10 Buggy Barre
  • 10.30 My-Barre


Washingborough Community Centre

  • 18.15 New Crew /Core
  • 19.30 My-Barre




Hartsholme park

  • 9.10 Buggy Barre


Washingborough community Centre

  • 9.45 My-Barre


Wragby Road Sudbrooke

  • 17.20 New Crew 
  • 18.20 New Crew 
  • 19.30 My-Barre
  • 20.30 Mens Core Focus 



  • 10am Glentworth Village Hall


  • 945-11.00 - 6 week seasonal get fit plans

Our classes are non impact classes utilising My-Barres, Core Connects, Balls and Bands, the classes take moves from Pilates, Yoga , Ballet, Dance and Keep Fit Martial Arts and other disciplines to create workouts suitable for almost everyone, we can offer adaption and alternate exercises for this who need it because of back, hip, shoulder knee problems etc.


If you have any health problems it’s best to speak with you GP / Physio etc, before you come to our classes or any other exercise class to get the go ahead to exercise from them, and to ask if there is anything they advise you not to do so you can tell us, if your generally healthy you should be ok to just come along and join in.

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