Hi my name is Jade, I am fairly new to the fitness industry. In January 2018 I attended my local boogie bounce class with the intention to simply improve my fitness, I attended weekly and it wasnt long before I new that fitness was something I wanted to persue a career in.


I completed my Exercise to Music Level 2 course later that year and qualified as a fitness instructor. I then went on to complete my boogie bounce Instructor course to allow me to teach classes of my own. With doing this my confidence grew and I really found my passion for exercise, I wanted to show others the fun aspect of exercise and what advantages it can have on your life other than purely fitness. I have attended many different classes including spin, zumba, step and other aerobic based classes. I was keen to widen my knowledge and wanted my teaching skills to grow and that is when I found Jacquie at Brand New U.


I have trained to become a My Barre Instructor and this has opened my eyes to so much more of how exercise can not only improve fitness, but can also help massively with physical and mental issues that people may have. I am loving teaching and seeing people enjoying exercise, watching them progress in what they do and overcoming issues that they may have. Every day is a new learning day for me as I come across different things and I cant wait to see how I progress through my fitness journey as an instructor.

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